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Welcome to Veteran’s Tales.  I’m the Editor in Chief and want to introduce you to the site and let you know why we’re doing this.  I think Shakespeare summed it up well in Henry V… (this is edited and adapted from a blog post I made last August)

Today was National Airborne Day, proclaimed by President GW Bush in 2002.  I punched out of work fifteen minutes early, bought a case of beer and went back to work.  I invited everyone to join me and was met with great glee and celebration.  I explained the reason for the celebration, stripped my sleeves, showed my scars and remembered, with advantages, all the men who shaped so much of my life.

Those men were my peers, the ones who demanded I earn their trust before they gave any trust, my platoon sergeant who first counselled me after being promoted to Sergeant, by counting the number of times my name was cursed on the walls of the latrine.  Those men were the ones I trained with during peacetime, honing our skills and learning hard lessons.  Those men were the ones I landed in BIAP (Baghdad International Air Port) with and first faced the enemy along side.  Those men shaped my life because I am nothing but the accumulation of my life experience and all those men were there with me.

There are men among those who are my friends, my brothers.  “Be he ne’er so vile, this day shall gentle his condition.”  If I called today and said “I need you” they would ask where and give an estimate on their arrival time.  I would do the same.

I retired ten years ago and I miss the company of Soldiers more every day.  Soldiers are America’s lifeblood, they are the finest product our Nation can produce and I yearn for their companionship.

The Veterans Tales from WWI are gone, the tales from WWII are growing scarce.  It’s been nearly seventy years since Korea.  We need to collect the tales that are still out there and store them safely before they disappear too.  All of our tales, wartime, peacetime, good times and bad.  Before we lose them forever.

Take a look around the site, kick the tires, drive it like you stole it.  Then register, pick a user name and share your Veteran’s Tales with us.


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I joined the Army in 1988, served in the 25th IL (L) , 24th ID, The Infantry Training Brigade, The 82nd Airborne Division, Ft Polk and again The 82nd Division until I retired in 2008. I was a mortar maggot and retired with the rank of Master Sergeant.
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  1. Mary Jo Rsulerson  June 16, 2019

    Thank you for doing this, and what you gave our country. My son is in the Army Guard, had a tour in Iraq in 2003. This is a wonderful site. Ill pass it on to him.

    • Vassar  June 17, 2019

      That is so nice of you. Thanks so much.


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