First 100 Years of Mateship With Australia

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Another post from our veteran sponsor, Mike Collins, 11th Infantry Brigade, RVN ’67-’68, 11-Charlie Indirect Fire Infantryman


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Vietnam era Army JAG, Asia, 17-yr Cold Warrior in Soviet-China Bloc green zone, Been shot at and hit, but in crime, not war; twice-broken nose for lying (same fellow) hence good law school candidate; Could have been Somebody in Corporate world and politics, but at every crossroad chose to be a man with a tawdry past instead. Gave up law and am now a redeemed American.
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  1. Allen  September 20, 2018

    I got to work with Aussies a few times while I was stationed in Hawaii, ’88 to ’92. We drank a shitload of beer together.

    • Vassar  September 27, 2018

      My son got to live there for 6 months coaching in ’92. Told me their drinking stories. Sort of a religion. I had chance to try a desertion case there in ’74, from Hawaii. Judge and prosecutor and 3 lucky officers and EMs wanted to as well. Said it let local Aussie he lived and worked with 2 years to testify about his good character. Problem was, he lived there under an alias, which is prima facie proof of desertion. Dammit all.

      • Allen  September 27, 2018

        Lmao! The best laid plans of mice and men…


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