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Here are our Policies related to Donations, and having your company or organization listed among our Advertisers


Any veteran or family member can post a story about any event or veteran family member, going back to the French and Indian War, if you want, and that story will be free of charge. And it will always be found in our archives by searching SECTIONS, on the top panel.

We encourage you to tell any tale, told first hand, or from letters, Family Bibles, or heard at your granddad’s knee. Tell us a little bit about the service member; when, a photo in uniform if possible, branch of service, where served (doesn’t have to have been a combat zone.).

This includes stories by wives, mothers, or girl-friends “who also served by staying at home and waiting, and praying, and even taking a job in a factory”. My mother was a war bride and my dad never saw my older sister until she was nearly three.

You can post this story yourself, or, if you’re uncomfortable with all this internet wizardry, just send the information to me, (VassarB@gmail.com) and we’ll post it in Readers Tales for you.

We do this as a courtesy, no charge.

If you want to put in letter form, just send me an email request at VassarB@gmail.com and I’ll email you a mailing address.

That’s the free part.

Your story will be here forever, kept in our archives.

And your published story will stay up on our front page for approximately a week, and then scroll off as other are added.

That’s the free part.


Go to our Sponsor Page at the top panel: We have veterans, children of veterans and grandchildren of veterans, and will someday have wives and mothers featured there as well.

From now til March 2019, any contribution through our Donate Button will guarantee the donor with a permanent place as a FOUNDING DONOR, regardless of the size of the donation. So, if Donald Trump Jr donates $5,000 in June, 2019, he’ll still be a regular donor and you’ll still be a Founder, forever. In a year or so there may even be bragging rights involved.

We encourage you to send photos we can include with your name on the Donor page. Makes the Donor page look a lot nicer, Still, some may wish to stay anonymous.


All advertisers must have military or veteran themes. We don’t do pop-ups, and all those things that have ruined a lot of good news sites, but will provide links to your home site.

Whether you want to sell a product or make known your specialized services for veterans, send it to us and we will put your Logo and site-link up, usually with some comment from me, free of charge, and as with the Veteran’s Tales.

It will appear on the Readers Tales portion of the Front Page, and will scroll off in due course, but always will be searchable in our archives.

This applies to For-profit and NGO’s alike who want to advertise their products and services at VeteransTales.

(Just take a few minutes to look at what we plan to do here, for he have unique skills and will offer offer some unique programs in coming months.)

We plan to provide a separate Commercial Sponsors Page, accessible from the Home Page…just not sure where yet…as we need 3-4 organizations to come on board to work out a design..

The fee will be $100 for the first year.




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Vietnam era Army JAG, Asia, 17-yr Cold Warrior in Soviet-China Bloc green zone, Been shot at and hit, but in crime, not war; twice-broken nose for lying (same fellow) hence good law school candidate; Could have been Somebody in Corporate world and politics, but at every crossroad chose to be a man with a tawdry past instead. Gave up law and am now a redeemed American.
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