By An Angel’s Kiss, SSG Reymund Rarogal Transfiguracion, 36, (Afghanistan)

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Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony

SSG Reymund Rarogul Transfiguracion, 36, of Wiakoloa, Hawaii

was killed August 12, 2018 in Musa Qa’lidah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan, by an IED

He was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group(Airborne)

Rest in peace, Sergeant

Job well done.  


I’m asking You God, to give me what You have left.
Give me those things which others never ask of You.
I don’t ask You for rest, or tranquility.
Not that of the spirit, the body, or the mind.
I don’t ask You for wealth, or success, or even health.
All those things are asked of You so much Lord,
that you can’t have any left to give.
Give me instead Lord what You have left.
Give me what others don’t want.
I want uncertainty and doubt.
I want torment and battle.
And I ask that You give them to me now and forever Lord,
so I can be sure to always have them,
because I won’t always have the strength to ask again.
But give me also the courage, the energy,
and the spirit to face them.
I ask You these things Lord,
because I can’t ask them of myself


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Vietnam era Army JAG, Asia, 17-yr Cold Warrior in Soviet-China Bloc green zone, Been shot at and hit, but in crime, not war; twice-broken nose for lying (same fellow) hence good law school candidate; Could have been Somebody in Corporate world and politics, but at every crossroad chose to be a man with a tawdry past instead. Gave up law and am now a redeemed American.
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  1. Allen  September 5, 2018

    These men were all in my son-in-laws unit. He’s deployed again, Afghanistan this time. His wife was notified the day before yesterday, the notification said that the families had already been notified. I’ve been living with this for 15 years. Every so often I’m told a dear friend or relative has been killed, I’m sick and fucking tired of it. We as in the United States, needs to finish this shit. End it, once and for all. General Sherman ended the Civil War by attacking the heart of the Confederacy. Destroy the heart of the Taliban, destroy the heart of the terrorists, destroy their will to fight and we can stop losing our loved ones.

    God Bless you SSG.


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