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VeteransTales.org is the current home of The Veterans USA 15:13 Foundation.


The Foundation awaits application and approval by IRS as a 501c3 non-profit, while VeteransTales.org is a growing site for veterans to share stories and photos, primarily from the Vietnam era and post-911 era, with memories extending as far back as World War II.


The Veterans 15:13 Foundation has primarily an educational purpose; to enlist and train, and develop venues for veterans all over the country, to be able to relate to American students, and whomever else will listen, about American Exceptionalism; the uniqueness of this country.


A series of teaching tools, lectures and presentations are already being prepared that point out the features that make America unique in world history…

…beginning with the fact that we are the first nation to be created and managed from the bottom up, and second, in all man’s history, we were the first, and still the only nation that has sent its sons to liberate others, people they had never seen or knew by name,


In over 5000 years of Man’s civilized existence, including great civilizations, that only began in 1860. And that has happened at least half a dozen times more since, but still, only by the United States.


Outlines of this curriculum, still in progress, can be found in the VETS IN CLASS section below the banner at VeteransTales.org




ALLEN NESS is a retired E-8 Master Sergeant Army Ranger/paratrooper, who now lives in Ruthton, Minnesota. He did combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He writes a column at UnifiedPatriots.com “From my CP” and is the principal editor and story teller from the post-9/11 era, especially his “Letters from Fallujah” series, which are very reminiscent of Ring Lardner shorts from the 1920s. (Look for those in hardback someday.)

VASSAR BUSHMILLS, now living in Chester, Virginia, is a retired manufacturing/business consultant to the old Soviet Bloc, 1991-2010 and former Army JAG criminal trial lawyer in the Far East, 1972-1976, with extensive experience in Asia, Russia and eastern Europe.

 VeteransTales in a non-political site for the most part, but Vassar Bushmills is known to many in the political media through his VassarBushmills.com website, which he has published regularly since 2011.  

He has a reputation for taking on political elites, both conservative and liberal, defending the common man and woman as the bedrock foundation of the American republic and its constitutional design. 

He’s published two books, Famous Common People I Have Known and Other e Essays (2015) and Donald Trump, The Common Man and the American Theology of Liberty (2016).



     From the Veterans’ point of view:

  • About preserving America, veterans have more skin in the game than all the rest.
  • They can gain young peoples’ attention and respect, from ages 10-ro 20 , quicker and better than anyone else in the room.
  • They volunteered and they sacrificed. They have street cred.



From the Community’s point of view:

  • The survival of America, as designed, as a Nation of free people, rests on our ability to pass basic knowledge about the way our government was designed, and the way our culture is formed, to future generations.
  • Our public educational system is under full bore assault, K-12, plus our public universities, including professional schools, with the express purpose of erasing or editing that history and its supporting culture.
  • It has been at least 35 years, a full generation, since public schools have taught our children the meaning of our History with any sort of patriotic enthusiasm for the great events of our History or the way our government was designed to work.
  • Tax-funded universities have even lent themselves over to teaching the opposite, in our social arrangements, in the culture and in the law.



From our Veterans Education Foundation’s point of view:

  • We plan to provide school kids this knowledge both at elementary school and high school levels, in voluntary forums suitable in their community.
  • Veterans will be in the front lines of teaching those children.
  • We also want veterans to be at the center of convincing parents that this teaching is needed. And why. That “the number of our generations as a free people may be numbered.”
  • For the longer term: We also want to tell parents how than bring pressure to bear from-the-bottom-up to change local and state government in the way these subjects are now taught.
  • Dozens of venues are already available to launch these from, from civic organizations, local veterans groups, to church groups.
  • With staff not yet in place we plan to use every available tool; e.g. PSA’s, on-line video lectures, to mailings, to provide a network of g-to representatives in every community, to serve as the alter-ego of the local education establishment.





About the Author:

Vietnam era Army JAG, Asia, 17-yr Cold Warrior in Soviet-China Bloc green zone, Been shot at and hit, but in crime, not war; twice-broken nose for lying (same fellow) hence good law school candidate; Could have been Somebody in Corporate world and politics, but at every crossroad chose to be a man with a tawdry past instead. Gave up law and am now a redeemed American.
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