Triple-Amputee Vet Loses a $315,000 Investment in Censorship Blitz

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NOTE: Just recently, Facebook deleted 800 pages and accounts under the claims that they were purging pages accounts that produced for “spreading disinformation, political spam, and inauthentic activity” aka “fake news.”

The majority of those caught up in the purge are alternative media and Conservative accounts and pages that Facebook, as it so happens, trolls 24/7 to promote its content for a fee, fees of which can be collected on a per content or per page basis.  Fees of which are collected until the moment that Facebook removes the “targeted”page.


Independent Sentinel by Contributor James Soviero

Right Wing News is one of the 800 Facebook pages that have recently been removed by Mark Zuckerberg’s censors for being fake or something.

Mr. Zuckerberg was very clever in that he made his fortune on the pages representing other peoples’ hard work, but he never forfeited ownership or even leased the pages. Most believed he supported free speech and felt comfortable investing in Facebook advertising.

The political right discovered Facebook during the Tea Party era which began in 2009. Facebook had been a bastion of the left until then and the leftists were unhappy about the arrival of the right and older citizens.


It now appears that Facebook doesn’t like them either.

Facebook seems to have found a way to get rid of the right — call them all fake news. Right Wing News is a good site but the owner abandoned it last year when the censors dramatically slashed his numbers. It’s been taken over by others and his Facebook page was still successful. A triple-amputee veteran took it over and invested $315,000 into it.

Source: Brian Kolfage, Jr. (personal) Facebook page


After 9/11, Brian Kolfage wanted to serve his country out of a sense of duty and joined the Air Force. He volunteered for his second tour in the Middle East, in Iraq[…]

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