Female Green Berets: “…significant corruption, ethical and leadership failures, and potentially serious future problems….”

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In 2016, the U. S. Army opened its special operations jobs to women.  Army Times reported ten days ago that a female soldier has its Special Forces Assessment and Selection process.

Selected to attend selected to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course, if successful she would earn a Green Beret.  While there are those who would celebrate such an achievement, for eight years we have witnessed the previous administration implement policies placing political correctness and ideology front and center of all areas of American life, including the U. S. Military.  Transparency, common sense, safety, what is best and where we or the parties on the ground may end up is never a concern.

The following is an excerpt from an essay published this morning at Wow! Magazine.

Wow Magazine by Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg

[I received the following as an email requesting that I publish it, to possibly attract an investigation. —Jeffrey A. Friedberg]


I recently spent some time at the Special Forces Decade Association Headquarters, talking with a few generations of our finest.

There were some serious allegations about the first woman to pass the Special Forces “Q,” Assessment and Selection Phase course, recently. If these allegations are true, they represent to me significant corruption, ethical and leadership failures, and potentially serious future problems.

What I heard was this: the Assessment and Selection Committee Sergeant Major resigned his position in objection to what his NCO Cadres were ordered to accept.

The Cadre of the Assessment and Selection Committee were ordered to sign non-disclosure agreements to prevent anyone knowing that the woman in question was in fact non-selected by the committee for several glaring performance failures[…]

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Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg is a contributor to Wow! Magazine.  From 2001 to the present, Friedberg has been a blogger, and columnist at American Thinker, Watcher Of Weasels, Intellectual Conservative, among others.  Feel free to check out Friedberg’s archive at Wow! and at his website, Conservative Rightwing Headlines & News.  You can also check out Friedberg’s library of publications available in paperback and in Amazon’s Kindle Store.


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I am an American, Black female, Christian, Conservative whose priorities are God, family and country. Born and raised in the Empire State, I am a mother, sister, aunt and grandmother having raised a son and four nieces on my own while caring for a disabled spouse. Affiliate blog: PUMABydesign001's Blog, Member/Author of Wow! Magazine., Contributor to Veterans' Tales.org. Social media: Gab: gab.ai/PUMABydesign Twitter: @PUMABydesign001 MeWe: MeWe.com; Facebook: @GrumpyOpinions2016; Minds: @PUMABydesign001.
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  1. Allen  November 26, 2018

    I recently visited Ft Benning GA to see my youngest son graduate basic. I took that opportunity to talk with every Drill Sergeant I could find as well as a couple First Sergeants and one CSM who gave my grandson a coin. That’s gonna burn his Combat Engineer father’s ass, LMFAO!
    The Drill Sergeants, who represent the bottom line, the ones who train young, unprepared civilians and turn them into Soldiers told me that 60% of female infantry recruits fail because of hip problems. Of the 40% who do pass most of them get kicked out for improper sexual relations with their Team Leaders or others during deployment.
    If y’all hadn’t picked it up from my writing I’m descended from Norse stock, I take great pride in that. In fact my surname, Ness, in Norse means “the point of the spear.” Shield maidens were not out of the ordinary in ancient Viking culture, but they were forced to do the same things the men did.
    We shouldn’t break women while they are trying to become Infantrymen but we cannot allow “non-hackers” to complete the training and earn the title.
    Standards must be met.


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