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These lectures are free. Print out and use as you please.

We’re putting these out into the public domain, as it will help get these lectures in front of the several veterans groups, civic organizations and interested school-parent groups.

If you’ve got a knack, and itch to teach young minds, and would like to make some spare cash a few nights a month, simply use at your pleasure.

It would be nice, but you don’t even have to say you’re part of our Program.

We have been sending messages to foundations and veterans groups, but since there are at least three levels of communication before our message actually gets in the hands of a decision-maker…well you know how that works out.

So we thought it best for to create a pipeline directly to the Veteran. After all, this is for the purpose of teaching young students at the community level, wherever a VFW post or American Legion lodge can be found. There are also dozens of parent groups, private schools, maybe even some public school teachers, who are concerned about all the necessary things about America students are no longer being taught.

Our first lecture is “The First Principle of Being American”. I recommend this as a first lecture for I used it for years teaching several college classes of inner-city mothers attempting to get a degree, and it laid the foundation for 24 hours of instruction in American history and government, which they had to have for a degree.

I simply threw the textbook out and taught the course as a series of things they never even considered about their country, and how those things are very relevant in their lives.

I used the same opening lecture for every class, because it made their jaws drop every time.

From this “First Principle of Being American” you can spin future lectures in several different directions. There is no necessary order. In fact, your interaction with your students may give you some ideas I haven’t thought of.  (Just call me.) .

I’ll provide several more Lessons here.

Cost: NONE

These Lessons are offered free of charge. You don’t have to pay us a penny. But once you get a regular paying client base or sponsor it would be nice if you’d send a little back to us through our Donor Page.

Subjecr Matter: Go to VeteransTales.org/ VETS IN CLASS, and review the articles already there. They explain why Veterans are needed in the classroom because of the things about Service to, and the Uniqueness of America are no longer taught in American public schools….and why this is so.

They also go on to explain why Veterans, above any other group, are most qualified to connect and teach these young students.

Find a sponsor: Contact local VFW, America Legion Post, and other local veterans groups. If you have a veteran friend who is working with Wounded Warrior Project, or Disabled Veterans of America (DAV) or others, they might be able to point you to a local representative. Nation HQ’s of national groups are almost impossible for ordinary people to talk to action officers directly.

Local civic groups incl Lions Club, Civitan, Kiwanis, Jaycees, Rotary. Private schools, religious schools and home-school groups all may want to hear from you, just to know such a program exists. Personal contact is best, but phone/email can set up an interview.

If you have an email contact, just cut-paste the text portion of this article or a Lecture and forward it to them.

Remember, they will all be judging you as much as the written content of your Lecture.

Most lectures will last 30-45 minutes, but with Q&A and just chit chat most young kids want to have with veterans, expect a couple of hours.

Pay: Don’t offer this service for free. My suggestion is that you not allow it to get out that you will work for free. You’re talking about 2 hours, plus travel, so work out a rate. I’ve talked to groups of 4 for two hours for $75 plus a plate of ham and grits and gas. Even small groups will pass the hat. Just remember, you want to be re-invited.

Also remember, this is the first of a series of classes, so the potential repeat work, if they like you.

Tools: All you will need is a wall board and a selection of felt markers,

It would be nice if you had someone there to video-record your presentation. If you have a sponsor, they will be able to record it, but won’t necessarily send it to me.

Expect some adults, parents, to attend at least the earlier Lectures, and they may have questions, as well. Many will be vets going back as Vietnam, perhaps

References: Only one- Schweikart and Allen, “Patriot’s History of the United States” (Used or New, at Amazon.com) There are other volumes to this Patriot’s History series, “A Patriot’s History of the Modern World, Vol I and II”, which you may want to use.

But if kids ask you questions or try to trip you up. you can also do Google searches, including Wikipedia, even on your phone, for quick answers. Just be on the alert for sketchy and politically biased scholarship, as many Google-supported sites are not favorable to the notion that America is in any way special, and the woods are full of books by “noted scholars” who talk down the whole ideal of America and Liberty. (The Reference section of “Patriot’s History”, above is a good guidepost to histories you can trust.)

Feedback: This is a work-in-progress, so feel free to call me, 804-318-1750, (6AM-5PM) and leave a message if I’m not here. I’ll get back to you with a few hours.

Or email me, VassarB@gmail.com, and let know how you fared. Any criticism or suggestion is welcome. Leave a Phone number and times available, or I’ll send you a phone number so we can talk.

As more of you sign on, we will compile a national map and a file on each of you.

We plan at least ten (10) Lecture in the First Principles Series,, and hopefully you can present them several times to various groups in your community.

Our VeteransTales.org or the website for our Foundation (still in development) will create a honor roster of all our instructors.



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Vietnam era Army JAG, Asia, 17-yr Cold Warrior in Soviet-China Bloc green zone, Been shot at and hit, but in crime, not war; twice-broken nose for lying (same fellow) hence good law school candidate; Could have been Somebody in Corporate world and politics, but at every crossroad chose to be a man with a tawdry past instead. Gave up law and am now a redeemed American.
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