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ONE-OF-A-KIND—- USSR T-62 Tank, mounted, 1970s, (Solid Steel and Wood)

Found in the Balkans, From the 1970s-80sm

A heavy 8 lb cast steel or aluminum tank, solid, 10 in on a 14 x 8 solid wood mount, a presentation piece, but no plate or marks, Turret Swivels

Price: $300, includes shipping, insurance. Payment, just use Donate Button.

1968 Dated/inscribed Green Marble trophy of Battleship Aurora, USSR (RARE)

Acquired in Balkans, 7″ long on beautiful cut marble, with a gold engraved inscription on reverse, in Cyrillic script, but his name Kadakovski(?) and some mention of the military. In original box. One-of-a-kind, historical,

PRICE: $95.00 Included shipping, insurance. Just use DONATE Button via Paypal and send me notice.

1970s Warsaw Pact- Polish Air Force Presentation Award

PRICE: $135.00, includes shipping, insurance, Pay thru DONATE Button


Found in the Balkans, a presentation piece, a 16″ high lexan-type clear piece with a jet fighter cut-out  and the Polish military seal in metal.  Mounted by two screws onto the 8″ plastic base, one screw broken, (should be glued fast)

Warsaw Pact CZECH- Military Winged Eagle Presentation Award

(Very similar to Third Reich Standards)

PRICE: $265.00 includes shipping, PAY Via DONATE Button

This from Communist Czechoslovakia, Very reminiscent of German standards, approx. 11 x 9, on laminate wood bsed, raised on 1/2″ brass posts, no presentation plaque, but acquired in Bulgaria, probably given to a visiting officer working with Warsaw Pact Pact joint maneuvers 1970s. The Czech lion on the crest badge.


ORIG PHOTO 1942 USSR Molotov Secret Mission to Bulgaria, WWII

PRICE: $90, incl shipping. (PRIORITY BOX) , pay via DONATE BUTTON

You have to consult Max Beloff’s History of Soviet Foreign Policy to find any mention of the backdoor meetings the Bulgarians held with the USSR during WWI while allies (and occupied) by the Germans, 1940-1944. The Black Sea was leaky as a  sieve.

One of a kind,  original, mounted on postcard stock, the pencil scrawl on back reads “Bulgaria 42g (“god”-year)

For the serious historian, Good luck,


PRICE: $30, incl shipping,

Every office had to have an image of Lenin somewhere, especially after his 100th birthday in 1970. This is a 4″ heavy resin-type body, in a brass ring. with a wall hanger. Only one.

1980s, Wall plaque Communist Solidarity, Soldier-Worker-Young Pioneer, East Europe

Price: $28.00/incl shipping

Acquired in Balkans, with map of the Bulgaria in background, shows a soldier, a country worker and a Young Puioneer, and reads Okranata na Granitzata-Obshonarodno Delo.  8 1/2″  cereamic, fragile

1970s Lg 2-Poster set, USSR PKT Kalashnikov Machine Gun ORIGINAL

PRICE: $75 includes shipping, just pay via DONATE Button


Acquired in Balkans, probably Bulgarian or Serbian,  an original,  from a military warehouse, MY ONLY SET, 2 postesr, each 24 x 32, with some small edge tears, very historic

1970s Lg 2-Poster set, USSR RPG-7 Breakaway Training Poster ORIGINAL

PRICE: $95.oo includes shipping, we have two pair

 2 posters, each 24 x 32, (48 x 32 overall) with some small edge tears, very historic

COMMUNIST ERA, Braided White Army Dress Belt, Lion Buckle, Bulgarian Army 

Price: $20, incl shipping, Please pay via DONATE BUTTON

Will expand to 42″ or more, 2″ wide, in VG clean condition.I only have one


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