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Extraordinary Bound Art Portfolio- USSR 1967 50th Anniversary of USSR , 38prints/portraits

$125.00 incl/shipping

Very rare, and valuable, as both art, political art and Soviet history,

I can never find these complete, fine prints top-glued to 15 x 11 1/2, better matte paper

For only select attendees, ranking party members, in a fine large cloth red flip-cover portfolio, 38 fine works, of probably 40, usually recipients will pull one of two to hang in their apartment,

If you want to see others, let us know


PRICE: $20.00 includes shipping. Pay via DONATE Button

Read\y to frame/display. Undated, 1960s, 18 x11 on glossy stock, from a larger collection, no portfolio cover, with modest chinks along 3 edges

SOVIET PORTFOLIO of 18 Color Prints of Historic Russian Art , 1967,

Sovietskiya Zhovolsi, not available to ordinary Russians, A cover Portfolio and contents page listing 50, of great 19th and earlier Century European and Russian art, mostly Slavic in style and culture,  18 x 11 on glossy stock, framable

PRICE: $25 includes shipping, Pay via DONATE Button

Museum Quality 1949 Science Portfolio from USSR, Human Ancestry, Ascent of Man

Price: $125.00 incl/shipping 

Very rare, and valuable, as both art, and a statement of Soviet science at the time of Stalin.

From a lab office n Bulgaria,

18 x 12 in hardcard portfolio, 62 pieces, some centerfold, entirely Russian language

Museum quality

Portfolio of Stunning Socialist Art, Communist Bulgaria XI Party Congress, 1976 

PRICE: $40/ includes shipping

On heavy card stock, I’ve stated for years, the social art and artists of Eastern Europe and the USSR were far better then Westen artists, in part because they were not self-indulgent, featuring themes of workers and ordinary people, (generally leading better, more hopeful,,lives.)

Western art, including socialist art, is very self-indulgent, and much disliked by people from that part of the world. Even today. The last thing American socialists are going to paint, or lionize, are those who work with their hands, or in dirt.

An extraordinary collection, in terms of art, my best, each 15 x 11, 8 of the original 10-set collection, framable, artist and title named, in Cyrillic only,


We have dozens of Soviet Bloc Political propaganda posters and art dating as far back as the 1950s, If you want to own these to use in photo-shopping and making modern posters using the typical communist formats of the era, simply buy them. You can do wonders with modern political figures. Then you will own the art outright.

None of these are common in the public domain.

If you only want to copy them, kindly drop $5 thru our DONATE Button, and use as you please


        19th C Balkan Guerilla Fighters – $31.00 incl shipping

A “pro-slava gathering”, (anti-Ottoman Turk) very rare, 1968, 27 x 32

1970s – Steel Worker– 24.00 incl shipping

27 x 32,  Communist art just better than our

1970s…Communist Poster- Hammer & Sickle to Pastriot Xristo Botev

Price $19.00 incl shipping

27 x 32, Communists dor this everywhere, steal non-communist patriots as their own, Botev a martyr in their 1878 revolt against the Turks. A Founding Father of Bulgaria

        1982 -100th Birthday of Bulgarian Communist Party Founder- Georgi Dmitrov

Price $19.00 incl shipping

27 x 32 Dmitrov a murdering thug, led the resistance then named by Stalin to head the country after WWII. Had a mausoleum like Lenin, laid out like Lenin, blown up during Kosovo war, 1998 (I was there for all that stuff)

Communist Poster to Andre Ampere, 18th C French physicist, Founder “Electomagnetism”

Price $16/ incl shipping

20 x 28, with edge       tear (shown)

Saint Paisi Hilandarski,-Historian- Clergyman

Price $16/ incl shipping

20 x 28, with edge       tear (shown)

Paisi was an Orthodox clergyman and great historian of the Bulgarian people, edge tears (shown)


Price $12.00 incl/shipping

Acquired in the Balkans, this is 24 x 16 poster, and made, (my guess) by some people who wanted to mock their former masters. Lenin never gave a nazi salute, he died years before Hitler came to power, and the original artwork this was of Lenin addressing a large crowd from a podium in the streets. A photo-shop,

 Just so you’ll know how people were when the Communist were run out of town

On glossy paper

1960s COMMUNIST REDS Political Poster, each 32 x 24, with some edgewear

PRICE $15/ includes shipping.

Georgi Kirkov, early Bulgarian Socialist pioneer

Georgi Dmitrov, Founder of Modern Bulgaria in 1944, from 1969 25th Celebration of Bulgarian Rescue from Freedom

Anon Ivanov, from 1969 25th Celebration of Bulgarian Rescue from Freedom

Geo Malev,  from 1969 25th Celebration of Bulgarian Rescue from Freedom

Nikola Bailarov  from 1969 25th Celebration of Bulgarian Rescue from Freedom

Asen Zlamarov, from 1969 25th Celebration of Bulgarian Rescue from Freedom

Vasil Kolarov, from 1969 25th Celebration of Bulgarian Rescue from Freedom

P Hakalova, from 1969 25th Celebration of Bulgarian Rescue from Freedom

Georgi Karkov, from 1969 25th Celebration of Bulgarian Rescue from Freedom

Dmitar Bladiek, from 1969 25th Celebration of Bulgarian Rescue from Freedom

Alexander Stambolyiski, a true Democrat, the Communists claimed him as their own

Communist Bloc POSTER-Bulgaria Day of Mourning Poster, June 2

Price $12.00 incl shipping

One of three we have to Xhristo Botev, a martyr to Bulgarian Freedom, executed by Turks in 1878, This day his National moment of silence every June 2, the Turks dared not stop this annual tribute so claimed Botev as their own. 25 x 34, the purple in better condition, the red with edgewear, shown












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Vietnam era Army JAG, Asia, 17-yr Cold Warrior in Soviet-China Bloc green zone, Been shot at and hit, but in crime, not war; twice-broken nose for lying (same fellow) hence good law school candidate; Could have been Somebody in Corporate world and politics, but at every crossroad chose to be a man with a tawdry past instead. Gave up law and am now a redeemed American.
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