Military Actions Prior to 1900

The Marines’ First Amphibious Raid

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Fix Bayonets by Mustang

At the outset of the American Revolution, Great Britain’s governor in Virginia recognized that stores of arms and gunpowder within his control were now threatened by colonial rebels.  Accordingly, he directed that these stores be removed from Virginia and transported to New Providence Island in the Bahamas.  In August 1775, General Gage [1] alerted Governor Montfort ...

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An Angel’s Kiss Theme from Unified Patriots (ALL WARS)

That Fatal Glass of Beer, WC Fields, 1933 (BEER TENT)

Green Fields of France, by The Furys and Davey Arthur (WWI)

George Jones, Honky Tonk Song

Erick Strickland and the B Sides, Haggard & Hell

Chris Scruggs, Honky Tonkin’s Lifestyle

Guy Clark, Randall Knife (Live)

Texas Rangers, our First Border Guards (Pre-1900)

Final Battle at Rorke’s Drift, from “Zulu”, 1964 (KIPLING’S BRITISH)

Roger Moore Reads Kipling’s “Tommy Adkins” (KIPLING’S BRITISH)

Madeline Kahn, I’m ...

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