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“Send Me”, Isaiah, Chapter 6

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If you haven’t seen “Fury”, it’s an Alamo-type story of a WWII tank crew sent to hold a crossroads to protect against a German counterattack. The other tanks in their team were destroyed along the way, and theirs, “Fury”, had broken down having lost a track.

When an SS battalion was spied marching up the road, instead of heading to the boondocks, they decide to stay and hold the crossroads.

It’s a battle royale.

This scene is just before the battle begins, as they sit ...

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The Death of Ernie Pyle’s Captain Wascow, the Film Version 1945

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William Wellman was an Academy Award-winning Hollywood director, especially of some of the most memorable westerns and war classics, A Star is Born, Beau Geste (Gary Cooper) Ox-Bow Incident (Henry Fonda) Battleground (Van Johnson) Across the Wide Missouri (Clark Gable) High and the Mighty and Blood Alley (John Wayne) Darby’s Rangers (James Garner.)

In 1945 he directed “The Story of G I Joe” based on the published story by Ernie Pyle “The Death of Captain Wascow”, 1944, a much-loved-by-his-troops company commander, Henry Wascow, who was ...

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An Angel’s Kiss Theme from Unified Patriots (ALL WARS)

That Fatal Glass of Beer, WC Fields, 1933 (BEER TENT)

Green Fields of France, by The Furys and Davey Arthur (WWI)

George Jones, Honky Tonk Song

Erick Strickland and the B Sides, Haggard & Hell

Chris Scruggs, Honky Tonkin’s Lifestyle

Guy Clark, Randall Knife (Live)

Texas Rangers, our First Border Guards (Pre-1900)

Final Battle at Rorke’s Drift, from “Zulu”, 1964 (KIPLING’S BRITISH)

Roger Moore Reads Kipling’s “Tommy Adkins” (KIPLING’S BRITISH)

Madeline Kahn, I’m ...

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