A Night Off From the Trail

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94-96, Ft Benning GA.  Drill Sergeant duty was a great experience, I learned a lot but it was long, drudgerous work.  Up at 0300 home again at 2300, that’s worst case but it went on for three weeks at a stretch.  Then throw in CQ or Staff Duty roll the “max Drills” dice when you don’t get 24 hours off after pulling 24 hour duty.  Damn, snake eyes again.  The best it got to was 0400 to 2000, better than ...

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The Trail Vehicle

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I was On The Trail from 94 thru 96 at Ft Benning, GA.  The Home of the Infantry.  We did a lot of road marching.  I always had and by 94 I had six years of service.  Six years of the Infantry lifestyle will make you hard as woodpecker lips.  The Infantry Lifestyle will get the best of you…