The Return of a Korean POW, a local story, 1954

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The return of the remains of 50 soldiers’ remains from North Korea put me in mind of my first encounter with parades for military heroes. It was a parade in my town for a returning POW from Korea. His name was John Gallagher.

And I was 9.

I knew about the Korean War then, had two uncles who’d served, and came home alive…my mother was always praying them home. So that was the sort of thing a kid would know. But I didn’t really know the ...

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Wenching on the DMZ; the Owner’s Manual

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Stormy Daniels brings to mind the ancient and universal definition of “wench”, a woman of low repute one would not like to be seen with in public.

Politics aside, she’s made public a side of life few Americans, unless born on the wrong side of the tracks know very little about. Still, it seems every American soldier, as far back as the Civil War, when the term “camp follower” became synonymous with off-duty recreation for soldiers, and were a fixture outside ...

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