Medal of Honor Monday: Army Lt. Col. John U.D. Page

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Department of by Katie Lange

Choosing to go to battle when you could stay in the safe zone — that’s something a valiant leader would do, and that’s exactly what Army Lt. Col. John U.D. Page did while serving in Korea.

Page was born in 1904 in the U.S.-governed Philippines, but he grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. His dream of attending West Point was thwarted by poor eyesight, so he went to Princeton instead, where ...

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Wishing a Happy 243rd Birthday to the USMC. 

Thank you for your service.


DVID Huds.Net
Defense Media Activity Tech Support

The 2018 Commandant’s Marine Corps Birthday Ball held at the Washington Hilton in the District of Columbia on November 10. This year’s Ball will be commemorating the 100th Anniversary of The Battle of Belleau Wood.

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If you’re not too handy with writing we have some good writers here, so just pick up the phone and call me 804-318-1750 or email me at and let me start you out.

All I need is your name, service branch, and era of service. It can be your story, or your uncle’s story, your dad’s, your mother’s, or granddad’s, or your best buddy.

It’s even free, although we’d appreciate you dropping a few bucks into the tin cup, then ...

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Trump Awards Medal of Honor to Marine Veteran.

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Meet Sergeant Major John L. Canley, a retired marine, America. Canley is the 300th recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.



Remarks by President Trump at the Presentation of the Medal of Honor to Gunnery Sergeant John L. Canley

East Room
4:11 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Thank you. And thank ...

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Female Marine SGT Kicked Out- Fraternization

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(Reprinted in its entirety, by Marine Corps Times editor, Andrea Scott @_andreascott)

Remedios Cruz joined the Marine Corps in 2013 as a supply clerk. One year later, she completed infantry training, and in 2017, made history when she became one of three females to join 1st Battalion, 8th Marines at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

 Now, Cruz is awaiting separation from the Marine Corps after pleading guilty to ...

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National Service: How to Save America’s Lost? Hire The Veterans.

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We began this conversation a couple of weeks ago, when we pointed out that 90% of Americans have invested none of their own skin in this game that is called “Keeping America Alive.” Even my generation, the last to know the military draft, which was never natural to the American scheme of warfare anyway, and which accounts for about half of the “skin in the game” citizenry today, are now in our 60s and 70s, and will soon pass away.

Most college-aged ...

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By An Angel’s Kiss, Crew, Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion Helicopter, US-Mexico border

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Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony.

The Crew of a US Marine CH-53E Super Stallion Helicopter:

CPT Samuel A Shultz, 28, of Huntington Valley, PA, and

1st Lt Samuel D Phillips, 27, of Pinehurst, NC, and

Gunnery Sgt Daniel R Holley, 33. of Dayton, OH, and

Lance Cpl Taylor J Conrad, Baton Rouge, LA

They were of Marine Heavy Helicopter Sqd 465, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Miramar AS, San Diego

Rest in peace, Marines

Job well done.  

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