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Medal of Honor Monday: Army Lt. Col. John U.D. Page

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Department of by Katie Lange

Choosing to go to battle when you could stay in the safe zone — that’s something a valiant leader would do, and that’s exactly what Army Lt. Col. John U.D. Page did while serving in Korea.

Page was born in 1904 in the U.S.-governed Philippines, but he grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. His dream of attending West Point was thwarted by poor eyesight, so he went to Princeton instead, where ...

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The Return of a Korean POW, a local story, 1954

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The return of the remains of 50 soldiers’ remains from North Korea put me in mind of my first encounter with parades for military heroes. It was a parade in my town for a returning POW from Korea. His name was John Gallagher.

And I was 9.

I knew about the Korean War then, had two uncles who’d served, and came home alive…my mother was always praying them home. So that was the sort of thing a kid would know. But I didn’t really know the ...

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