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The Time I Took my Wife to Meet the Girls at Manos

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You already know the story of my first visit to Manos, the Russian spy-restaurant in Tokyo. It was 1972. It was run by two brothers from Pittsburgh, former OSS officers during WWII, and within shouting distance of the Soviet embassy, where, at the end of every visit, I’d pause to take a leak on their gate.

A small restaurant, Manos was known Tokyo-wide not for its borscht, which was horrible, but that it was the single place in all Tokyo ...

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In Search of the Beautiful Lt Chiquita, My Affair with Prostitution, continued

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To have any street cred about prostitution, I have to have had some personal experiences with those long-legged females up ahead.

I had that chance, as an unmarried man, during my college days. So, I’m not telling anything out of school here.

In the mid-60s I formed a romance with those beautiful black-eyed Mexican women embedded by Hollywood in so many Western films, and one in particular, the beautiful, busty Lieutenant Chiquita, Mexican Juarista extraordinaire. Continue Reading →


My 60-Year Affair With The World’s Oldest Profession; Betty, Part I

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Allen’s Airborne enlistment poster (Skit Nite) is an art form I never get tired of admiring, especially leggy women. It also put me in mind of a story that’s been dancing around in my head for a long time. It actually started on a military note, World War II, well sort of, then swerved way back to Mexico, then back to the Army and Korea, then ending up in Russia and the Balkans, with short stops in a host of other countries.

And it was ...

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