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A Chronicle of an Army Personnel Fixer

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They’ve often claimed that Economics is the dreariest science, but for men in uniform you’d have to go some to match the drudgery of pouring over miles and miles of pages and pages of personnel files and the rules and regs that define them.

In the Army of the 60s-and 70s, before reorganization, it was called G-1, then DCSPER (Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel) and that was where they kept the records of every trooper. His 201-file, which he carried when he ...

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Stolen Valor, 1972 edition

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I arrived at my new duty assignment in Japan in February, 1972. They had just concluded a rare general court martial for that command, Attempted Murder. It had ended with an acquittal and the entire JAG staff was outraged.

The fellow who beat this rap was a decorated Sergeant E-5 who, after his tour in Vietnam had been re-assigned to a cush job at the nearby Army Hospital Command.

I won’t mention his name as he later became my client, and may still be alive.  I’ll just ...

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