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The Error of Our Ways

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BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! by Mustang

At the end of World War II, Harry S. Truman was looking for ways to switch the United States from its war-time economy to one better suited to a society that wanted —and needed peace.  Unhappily, the President’s cost-cutting measures involved a one-third reduction of the military services: Army, Navy, and Marines.  Washington, D. C. was a busy place between 1945-1950:

  • World War II veterans were expeditiously discharged
  • The Department of War was transformed into ...
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The Magic Carpet That Brought Everybody Home – WWII

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(Courtesy of our Vietnam War combat vet, Mike Collins, this is how my Dad got home in ’45.)

The U.S. military experienced an unimaginable increase during World War II. In 1939, there were 334,000
servicemen, not counting the Coast Guard. In 1945, there
were over 12 million, including the Coast Guard. At the
end of the war, over 8 million of these men and women
were scattered overseas in Europe, the Pacific and Asia.
Shipping them out wasn’t a particular problem ...

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Bachelor’s Corner on Memorial Day Sunday

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Bet you didn’t know it was called Decoration Day for close to a 100 years before it was a national holiday (1971), but the government gave the unions and working folks a day off on Monday, so as to keep them at the beach, full of beer, instead of in church. Since  Decoration Day was always on Sunday fewer showed up.

Because the 9/11 wars aren’t over, we don’t yet have a name for those wars, or a national monument for our dead or their ...

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